Melissa has always focused on the positives in life. When health challenges overwhelmed her, she battled them privately… until she comprehended the urgency to raise community awareness to prevent younger generations from suffering needlessly, and that by opening up about her endo battle she might comfort and encourage a fellow endo sister.

Melissa’s background in customer service, community service, and education, come together in her work as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. She loves teaching others how to add therapeutic essential oils into their lifestyle as a complement. While she’s not a doctor, and certainly doesn’t claim to be one (though she’s often cast as a doctor or nurse on-camara!) she believes it’s possible to integrate both Eastern and Western practices. She is passionate about empowering people to explore natural solutions to improve the majority of everyday family health concerns. Her family has experienced personal oil successes in supporting muscle/exercise recovery, improved digestion, better sleep and seasonal change support.

In fact, many Elite Athletes, Performers and organizations incorporate dōTERRA into their daily rituals to support active lifestyles, exercise, recovery and sleep.

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Melissa’s mission as a Wellness Advocate is to empower through empathy, encouragement and essential oils. Hearing her clients’ essential oil success stories motivates her to continue coaching others.

“Consistent use has eased my chronic inflammation, allowing me to eliminate painkillers I was overusing during flare-ups.”

“We use essential oils for muscle strain from sports, old back injury and middle of the night leg restlessness.”

“Using Digestzen, vetiver and Digestabs enabled me to cut back on proton pump inhibitors.”

“Essential oils have eased my mental fog & fatigue, so I’ve been able to break the vicious cycle of too much coffee to get through the day, which created sleep deficit issues.”

“My 4 yr old daughter is more focused during the day. Plus at night, it’s so much calmer. Usually it’s a lot of crying and watching tv before bedtime, but tonight it was so calming, and they went to bed without a fight. Not even a few minutes, they were out! I think Aromatouch is our definite go to oil for bedtime.”

"I forgot to return the diffuser to my son's room. He just asked me to put it back as diffusing peppermint really helped him sleep and his throat irritation."

“The rollerball for the body aches has been awesome, and an odd but good side effect: the scent has scared off the bugs bites we usually get when working out doors.”

“My knee is actually feeling so much better! I’ve been using that oil blend religiously and it’s really helping.”

“I have major dentist anxiety... Balance and Serenity made me feel so much better.”

“I used the scar blend regularly and my scars (post knee surgery) are almost unnoticeable!”

“Lavender helps my son turn off his brain, so he can finally rest!”

Melissa truly loves talking oils and would be honored to help you explore natural solutions for wellness and joy. Reach out to her directly for a personalized consultation about how dōTERRA essential oils can help support

Anti-Aging, Skin & Hair care, Digestion, Muscle/Joint Discomfort, Emotions, Mood, Energy support, Focus, Fitness, Hormone Balancing, Immunity support, Intimacy, Relaxation, Stress, Respiratory, Sleep, Travel, Toxic-Free Cleaning, Weight Management, Pets and more.


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